Efemérides de Hoy 10-05-19

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA: (FILES) A file photo showsing South African President Nelson Mandela taking the oath 10 May 1994 during his inauguration at the Union Building in Pretoria. South Africa's newly-elected parliament will be treated to some "Madiba Magic" 10 May 2004 when national icon Nelson Mandela delivers a special address to mark a decade of freedom. Mandela, affectionately known by his clan name Madiba, will address a joint sitting of parliament in Cape Town 10 years to the day after he was inaugurated as South Africa's first black president on May 10, 1994. (Photo credit should read WALTER DHLADHLA/AFP/Getty Images)

Miguel Ángel Buonarotti comienza a pintar en el Vaticano los frescos de la capilla Sixtina.
Nelson Mandela jura como primer presidente negro de la historia de Sudáfrica.
Se subasta en 60.500.000 dólares el cuadro “Cortina, cántaro y compotera”, naturaleza muerta del artista plástico Paúl Cezanne.

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